Work packages

The premodiALS project is set out for a duration of 36 months and is divided into 7 work packages:

WP 1: Recruitment of a PGMC cohort (Lingor, Weber, Corcia, Lerner, ext. partner Benatar)

WP 2: Development of a questionnaire based on EARLY-ALS study results (Lingor, Menden)

WP 3: Characterization of PGMC molecular landscape (Lingor, Ashton, Kuban, ext. partners Lenz, Rogers)

WP 4: Bioinformatic data integration, fingerprint generation and validation (Menden)

WP 5: Recruitment of independent validation cohort and validation of PGMC fingerprint (all)

WP 6: Supportive recruitment into discovery and validation cohorts (Uysal & Zilka)

WP 7: Metabolomic analyses (Zilka)