• Members of the Kuban lab teamed up with the Lenz lab to optimize the proteomics pipeline for the analysis of premodiALS samples. We congratulate both labs for this intensive collaboration!

    From left to right: Christof Lenz, Lisa Neuenroth, Jeanes Strebe, Przemyslaw Mielczarek, Wojciech Kuban.

  • At the beginning of 2024, we welcomed two of our Turkish partners, Sine Dincer and Ali Günal Celik, to our premodiALS center at the Klinikum rechts der Isar in Munich. This joint experience has been of great benefit to the project. Sine and Ali curated database entries, created a detailed data dictionary for the subsequent evaluation of the clinical data and processed biosamples. Thank you for this excellent contribution to the project!
  • This year, the motoneuron disease community met again in person for the 34th international MNDA meeting in Basel. A great occasion to reconnect with premodiALS partners and present our project to a broader community. We look forward to collaborating with other initiatives focussing on presymptomatic gene mutation carriers.

  • The group of Mary-Louise Rogers published an excellent review on urinary biomarkers for ALS mentioning support by premodiALS.  Please access the full article (open access) here:

  • In October, we were happy to present the premodiALS project to French and German ALS experts at two different events. On 11-12th October we discussed a poster on premodiALS during the 9th ALS and MND Research Days in Paris, France. And on October 12th/13th we presented at the ALS MND Science Days of the German Motor Neuron Disease Network (MND-NET) in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • We are happy to announce that the premodiALS consortium agreement has been signed and sent to all collaborators. Furthermore, recruitment centers from Switzerland and Slovakia also received ethical approval. They will soon be ready to recruit their first patients.