• The first patient has been included in the premodiALS study in Turkyie. We congratulate the entire trial team in the center in Antalya!

    From left to right: Hüseyin Can Kaya, Hatice Değirmenci, Abir Alaamel, Ali Çelik, Hilmi Uysal, Uğur Bilge, Sibel Berker Karaüzüm, Meltem Korucuk.

  • The premodiALS project was discussed with the ALS interest group at an online meeting in March 2023 to raise awareness for participation in this project. The German Society for Muscle Disorders (DGM) featured premodiALS on their website. We thank the DGM for this generous support of premodiALS!

  • After approval of the local ethics commission, the first patient entered the premodiALS trial. We are excited to have started recruitment at the Munich site now and thank all patients and relatives who are interested in participating. They make an important contribution to the understanding of early ALS and towards a better diagnosis of this disease.

  • We congratulate our team member Professor Mary-Louise Rogers to the award of a FIGHT MND grant. This will permit Professor Rogers to fund her research for the premodiALS project. She says: "This is an exciting opportunity to work collaboratively with MND researchers in Europe and Australia to, for the first time, identify an ‘early signature or fingerprint’ of MND.” – Associate Professor Mary-Louise Rogers

  • This flyer briefly describes the premodiALS study to people who are willing to participate.

    You can request a printed version of the flyer by writing an email to:

  • We are happy to announce that today the premodiALS project was approved by the lead Ethics Commission of the Technical University of Munich. We are now ready to start recruitment.