Principal investigators


Dr. Ashton is an Assistant Professor and senior member of the Department of Neurochemistry at the Univ. Gothenburg in Sweden. The focus of the department is to develop ultrasensitive biofluid test for Neurodegenerative disorders. This can be achieved by complimentary methods such as single molecular array (Simoa) or discovery/targeted Mass Spectrometry. Recently this has produced assays for phosphorylated tau in blood, which are now widely used in research settings, as screening tools in therapeutics trials and being validated for clinical use. Dr. Ashton has international affiliations with King's College London and Centre for Age-Related Medicine, Stavanger University Hospital in Norway. Dr. Ashton was awarded the Queen Silvia’s Prize to a Dementia Researcher for his contribution dementia research.


As a part of the PremodiALS Project, we will measure novel biomarkers of neurodegeneration, astrocytosis and inflammation in CSF, blood and tear fluid. We will also assist in translating novel protein biomarkers discoveries from PremodiALS into attainble biomarker assays.