Principal investigators



Hadassah Ein Karem university hospital, Jerusalem, is a hospital that prioritizes specialization in severe diseases and in clinical research, as well as basic biological research in cooperation with the adjacent Hebrew University school of medicine.

Our ALS clinic is serving patients from the Jerusalem metropolitan area and from other parts of Israel. Our aim is to provide patients with the fullest extent of possibilities for slowing progression of the disease, in a disease with limited possibilities. That includes providing access for drugs that have shown evidence of efficacy in phase II/III trials but not yet available, expanded access programs and clinical trials participation on studies in all clinical phases. The recent work of our team includes observational study of microbiome in ALS patients, phase I clinical trials in Astrocyte transplantation (AstroRx®) and in IPL-344, therapeutic peptide, AKT pathway agonist.


Our center is one of the participants recruiting centers in the study, performing clinical assessments of the subjects and sample collection.